Monday, July 31, 2006

sunday class part deux

oh and another technique from yesterday:

double wrist grab from behind

sensei c showed that if uke lifted your wrists from behind, u could turn and do a rear kick

but if grabbed wrists are kept low, then you keep elbows to side, curl hands @ wrists palm up then down + step back, then sankyu, then take down

Sunday, July 30, 2006


general class advice from sensei c:
go over inventory of techniques and know which one you know well + polish techniques

ask yourself what have i got for this situation

more stuff to do on one arm lapel grab:
1, one arm lapel grab - catch from inside of grabbing arm + lead leg steps back, swipe uke attacking arm down + across center line, step thru, twist and get under arm, tuck chin, bring arm around to uke shoulder, bend knees + lock
2. same above except katana nage. don't rise, stay low
3. same above but except stepping thru + cross uke, step to uke's lead toe for taisabake, non lead hand's back of hand crosses onto of arm + back to uke hand , lead hand grabs for kotogaeshi 10 lock, finish taisabaki + kotogaeshi 10, lock
4. same above except step back to shiko dachi, lead hand draws uke straight to u, non lead hand catches under uke arm, bring weight down, don't pull with arms, push hips forward, look straight, don't bend fwd at hips or will fall fwd

round house punch - ippon seionage: important to block hip first, then load and w/ feet together, twist at hip + look behind you not down on matt. too risky to keep feet apart. when throwing uke, let gravity of uke pull uke down, don't try to throw uke forward. woody does this throw well

attacking with shotei strikes + foot sweep: let yourself bounce like ball, don't leave back leg behind you, feet go together, body springs up, moving fwd powers first strike, hit both hands fast, 2nd hand strike + back foot comes fwd together straight for foot sweep. step to uke as fall, strike on ground + lock

forward punch + foot sweep: parry, not moving out of way, back leg steps forward straight before uke sets weight down on stepping leg, sweep uke foot forward, push hip forward + be confident in foot sweep, as u sweep foot outside arm cuts across uke's punching arm @ elbow for more off balance (i think)

new experiment:
after yesterday's stories about making one believe that sensei ivan is the easiest uke (or tori? I forgot the story) in the dojo or something to that effect of make believe, I think it's worth a shot trying to make believe to over come fear. So,
I am going to make myself believe that I can't wait to be thrown and I look forward to being thrown more and more over every practice. :)

congrats barbara! great test for black belt

congrats, barbara on a great black belt test!

i don't have any pictures of test, so
if barbara's cool w/ pictures here, feel free to upload.

i put a picture of sunrise here to highlight by shihan felix's comment of "starting anew"
hooray - it was very inspiring to watch you yesterday!

Friday, July 28, 2006

congrats gearoid - green belt test

* great job on your green belt test, gearoid!
watching gearoid yesterday was very cool. i really enjoyed sensei's maria's feedback on:
- footwork, something that can be done any time
- staying + looking calm + cool. no one needs to know that you're tired, but you.

(I wonder if this also means no one needs to know we're anxious, nervous, uncomfortable etc in a
moment of conflict. is this better self-defense?)

rock on, gearoid!!!!!!

* also noticed that all techniques have an ending,
- throw + lock
- take down + step away or lock
- project uke away from body
it seems like all technique must have a definite end of locking, projecting uke or stepping away

* technique
morote seionage
pull uke gi to ear, keep pulling
step to middle between uke feet
other hand grabs gi, arm pressed against
uke + up, keeping arm in front
feet together
load onto hip + twist turn to side, don't look down but to side

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


1. double wrist grab- hitch step, pivot -face opposite direction, outside arm now inside arm crossing under uke's opposite arm, uke's wrist are crossed, step + throw. kinda like katana nage.

2. double wrist grab- show uke picture (palms facing up), hitch step to side, one arm goes down to ground for off balance, other rides up center line to uke face, uke takes back fall

3. double wrist grab- same as above,but uke doesn't fall, so hand @ uke face now goes to back of collar, grabs gi, inside leg steps across/behind lead leg, pivot @ hips + pull on gi around, other hand pushes up on uke arm, then throw uke around body in fwd direction. important to not throw at a wacky angle cuz ukes may dogpile and crash during practice.

4. club strike from side - ippon seionage - important to really keep pulling uke forward @ twist hips and keep feet together. take club away

5. club strike from side- shihonage - opposite leg (to striking arm) steps into uke's center, swipe uke arm across center line, back leg steps across uke's center line, start shihonage, making sure uke's wrist is twisting uncomfortably while outstretched, keep uke hand to shoulder, take club, bend knee for take down, or put club into crook of uke elbow + against uke neck to aid take down. use club for choke on ground

bear hug w/ club

Monday, July 24, 2006

solving the mystery kotogaeshi lock

little fingers catch thumbside of hand
thumb of hand runs across back of uke hand + thumb
between 2 bones of pinky+ring finger of uke
other hand placed on back of uke hand, not fingers
bend hand so uke hand bones go to wrist bones
on opp side
like closing a box
dropping + twisting hip at same time.
keeping uke hand in center

don't twist hip and leave uke hand behind

that's all i remember.

Sunday, July 23, 2006



1. face punch - ikkyu
lead hand goes to elbow + other hand blocks @ center + step across?? center @ 45 degree angle - all at same time, roll elbow + twist hip + bring uke striking arm to hip + lean on front leg, uke is off balance, push thru uke arm (add kicks, or foot sweep), uke on ground, immediately put foot under shoulder, pin shoulder to ground, apply lock

* i'm confused. i forgot whether we step across center line or away.

2. face punch - kotogaeshi: same above, but keep work in center, lead leg steps back + apply kotogaeshi lock + drop/twist hip for lock, lock on ground

-always control uke on ground after technique

3. face punch - arm across body + sweep: swipe punch away + hitch step, non lead hand cuts across uke center line + over uke head, lead hand that swept punch away immediately goes to uke small of back, twist to corner for off balance, inside leg sweeps + non lead hand drive uke head to ground, lock

4. mae geri - heel palm/swipe w/ hand + foot sweep: heel of palm strike leg down, back straight when shift to back foot, swip leg across center line, just before uke sets foot down - step to side, let stepping to side drive foot sweep of uke foot (before weight is set, can roll shoulder too at same time, lock

5. mae geri - hitch step in + strike thru w/ lead hand + twist hip down
hitch step straight into kick, avoid by going to shiko dachi, lead hand ready and up + strikes thru uke + non lead hand swipes under to catch uke @ under knee, no need to hold uke up by knee if shortie like me, twist hips, uke takes back fall, lock

6. push - hitch step + one arm up, other arm down/across hip
hitch step, elbow up, other down and across body
throw head down

- same above but against wall
no need to hitch step so much, add ikkyu, shihonage and lock

7. striking w/ palm of hand (shotei) 2x
striking straight first, 2nd hand follow across chin, lead leg power first strike, back leg follow lead, rechamber first arm + strike w/ other hand

8. face punch - boom boom sweep
lead hand swipes punch away and in doing so, propels itself to shoulder very quickly, roll shoulder for off balance + foot sweep forward

foot work must be automatic, practice before class

Friday, July 21, 2006



same side wrist grab - shihonage

same side wrist grab - ippon seionage: step in + create off balance w/ grabbed hand coming up center + leading in center/front of you, uke draped over u, bicep clip, throw w/ heels together

same side wrist grab - katana nage - start/end in hamni

forward straight punch (seiken chudan zuki?) - nikkyu : step in line away from uke @ 45 degree angle, swipe away from above punch, bring to body like nikkyu, finish lock

Sunday, July 16, 2006

green belt techniques...


1. forward face punch (seiken jodan zuki, i think)- semicircle away from centerline???, both hands come up centerline + stay in center always, inside arm parries punch, outside hand catches at elbow, hips turn + apply ikkyu

* * i'm confused. i forgot whether we step across center line or away.

*when uke is bent over + off balanced, sensei c showed additional kicks + a sweep of uke's leg closest to u

* when semicircle away, sensei c said the distance from uke's punch is just a bit further than if you didn't move out of away

2. forward face punch - same as above, but outside hand slides down forearm of striking hand, inside hand goes to back of striking hand, apply kotogaeshi, parry arm but still keep uke's striking hand in center, don't parry so much that uke arm swings out of center and can't apply a kotogaeshi lock in your center

3. mae geri - hitch step into shiko dachi + inside arm sweeps under to catch uke leg @ knee + outside hand/arm shoots across uke's body, turn hips, uke takes back fall, apply tiger lock on ankle

4. mae geri - weight 50/50 on both feet, shift weight to back leg, uke kicks, hand of same side of back leg does heel then hand sweeping of kick away from body, side step + sweep w/ lead leg + roll shoulder, uke takes back fall

5. upper cut w/ knife - step to side crossing center line, opposite side hand (to uke's knife hand) blocks from underneath, same side hand blocks w/ wrist side from on top of uke's wrist, both hands' palms facing floor, both hands immediately switch for kotogeashi lock, remember when stepping to side to bring back leg together w/ lead leg + stay in hamni

6. grab lapel + round house: catch punch , same side foot steps across, twist hip, step through, apply shihonage

when locking on ground, think of knee as cutting through shoulder joint into ground, then apply lock

* clarification on seionage which is shoulder throw and shihonage which is four big throws

* i try to think of ways to make training/crosstraining more fun + practical. but training is hard. there are times, since starting some serious cross training, where my body goes into brain freeze. but i think somehow this might be good, being able to mentally switch gears from one athletic activity to the next. i might need some time to get used to this.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

sempai michael teaching

Cross hand shihonage – when thumb over + grab w/ other hand + uke much bigger, sempai Michael pointed out the need to really commit + stretch out + twist uke wrist for offbalance.

Round housing w/ Dixon (a move shown by sensei Stephen before) – the need for speed when small and catching punch early. When catching uke attacking elbow w/ inside arm, use hip, and drop weight

Sankyu on cross hand wrist grab – if uke still grabbing wrist and catch get free, use other hand + make clean catch on uke hand + twist hips/whole body for pain uke wrist. Sempai lee showed I was squashing uke’s hand which was wrong

Escape from a “hell choke” (?) when arm is in lock, opposite leg steps over across own body, move up to side guard on ground
Overhead strike, mirror stance, lead legs steps across centerline, same arm parries, so strike falls down side, pull striking arm down for off balance, taisabaki, outside arm pins uke’s attacking arm across chest for armbar/pin, other arm applies choke w/ hand underneath jaw on throat and neck artery (forgot exact placement of what + where. Gman said something about a knuckle here and wrist there.)

When uke is on ground, important to quickly pin head with knee as Dixon seemed to get away easily.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Brazilian jujitsu w/ sempai susan

How cool. This such a fun class!

things we did yesterday:
1. shrimp move from judo - toe, heel and push on your side, elbows pointing to cieling + grabbing collar
2. on belly and pulling entire body across matt with arms/palms of hands
3. backfall from sitting position, and sitting up 90 degree clock or counter clockwise
4. ippon seionage to "hell choke" or that is what i remember sensei stephen calling it.
- we didn't need to put foot/leg closest to uke feet across body. we could just sit close to uke, and put foot underneathe uke's toros
- pinch with legs and raise hips up for lock as you hold on to arm. couldn't figure out if uke's hand was pinky or thumb side up pointing to cieling
- leg wrapped under chin
5. when doing ippon, really pull uke off balance to drape on back. after throwing lee, i think i understand better that i can throw bigger people.

6. guard, uke between legs, and your legs wrapped around hips and locked at feet
- then try grabbing sleeves, knife edge feet into biceps, then to hips, then u hook top of feet to inside thighs, pull up, sit up, grab belt, turn hips out of way, place hand, uke bases, wipe out base with sameside arm, throw with same side leg, and mount.
- choke, open collar, grab deep to label of collar, forearm to chin, lift up, other hand grabs underneath, scissor action, apply choke
-let one hand go
-uke then traps remaining hand, same side leg traps uke's leg same side, bridge w/ hips and look at 45 degreeangle to side
now on top, start over

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

sempai lee class

1. same side wrist grab - seionage (shihonage?) - hitch step, turn wrist inward, back leg steps around - sorta like a 1/2 taisabaki, other hand grabs uke's attacking arm and rotates/stretches it out in front as much as possible, keep knees bent, be close to uke, swing uke arm around in front of u, tuck chin, bring to uke shoulder, knee into shoulder, pull up on uke arm

2. round house- throw arm + uke forward/same direction as attack - uke strikes, hitch step in, back leg steps in like going for ippon, arm catches punch when arm already past u, not before or to side, heels together then just bring weight down, uke takes forward roll

3. lapel grab - nikkyu variation - as soon as uke grabs label, catch with same side hand and roll arm inward so knife edge of hand is facing up, uke hand is pressed against body, other hand applies lock, finish nikkyu

4. same side wrist grab - step away at angle, palm faces down, uke off balance, then other leg closest to uke step in angle toward uke's centerline, uke takes fwd roll or back fall

5. opposite wrist grab - sword throw? taisabaki, lead uke hand forward + down, shoulder in armpit, uke rolls

6. straight punch - kotogaeshi

Thursday, July 06, 2006

kotogaeshi + foot sweep


1 - same side wrist grab - step to side in line, still facing uke, using body to twist wrist out of grab
2 - same above but add kotogaeshi

3 - round house punch - same side arm comes up to block punc/protect face, other arm jabs ukes in front as you step in + take center, can knee kick into uke inner thigh of uke lead leg, foot sweep, roll shoulder. elizabeth says helps to step to take center as soon as you see leg coming forward

4 - blocking punches - turn on balls of feet, not hips when blocking punch, keep guard up and not collapsed to body, point fingers/hands to uke, always keep hands up after punching

5 - push - catch pushing arm @ forearm + bicep, step out to shikodachi, don't push with hands and drop em way below hips, shown by itai

6 -
same above but catch under elbow. maintain good straight posture for both

sensei coleman's advice is true
one way to fight feeling tired is to just come to class. Man, I was so tired. I tried swimming before class, but I think I sank to the bottom of the pool.

But in class - after a few sloppy ukemi + fighting drills, I got wired with a "oh crap, I don't want to get injured again. Wake up!" I woke up, for sure, by then and am still pretty wired. Janet + elizabeth shared this feeling... of getting tired in the evening waiting for class, and then you come to class and you get all wired up and awake till late.

being vigilant
It's a good coincidence to write more here and relate my learning in the dojo to the real world. I think I'm becoming more aware of things and reacting a bit more confidently to bizarro situations.

I start to observe people's behaviors more. Something that really gets me is how people use their eyes. It tells a lot about what they are or are not paying attention to, I think... like whether they're paying attention to themselves or to people around them. And I find it rather uncomfortable when someones eyes darts all over the place with no apparent focus.

And as I was getting off the subway station tonight, I took an extremely casual pace, walking slower than others. (Lee gave some good kicks to my gazelles.) And I stopped walking with the crowd to adjust my backpack. And I immediately noticed someone else stopped walking at the same time. Then I started walking a few steps, and the same figure starting walking, too. Then I stopped, and looked over. I saw a shifty-eyed guy, who stopped again, while darting glances toward my direction.

We did this "I step, he steps , I stop, he stops" two more times before I sensed that he wanted me to walk ahead of him, but I wanted him to walk ahead of me. So, I stopped turned and looked at the guy straight-on. I wasn't emotional inside or outside about it. No need to be.

Just made eye-contact: I looked directly at him whereas he darted several glances my direction, until he realized I was looking directly at him. He could've been polite, but the crowd had already cleared. Inside, I found this to be super wierd + fishy.

So, as much as I hate Dunkin Donuts, I popped inside one, got coffee, and calculated that if fishy boy was still there, I was not gonna budge. Coast was clear, but I felt better doing this than figuring out whether fishy boy was just being nice or not so nice.

So, hooray. Don't turn back to uke. Don't turn back to fishy folks who spook you.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

ikkyu + nikkyu on face punch

fighting drills
1 - opposite hamni, step in with heel of lead hand smacking uke forhead, other hand smacks forehead - alll helps create off balance and get in for foot sweep. step straight to uke, catch uke foot, pull straight forward, then lead hand pushes opposite uke shoulder

2- opposite hamni, hitch step in w/ lead hand catching uke lead hand and using it as "slingshot" to strike uke neck with w/ knife edge of hand, other hand catches uke head, elbow in, and fold uke head to uke belly as u step. think uke head goes down, not fwd.

3 - forward punch - hitch step, lead arm parries punch, bring weight down, shiko dachi, bring weight down helps uke head go down, following hand grabs uke neck/head, bring it down toward own hip, creates even more off balance it seems, pivot hips, other hand swings uke attack arm behind uke and then vertical/straight to ground, step thru as u apply force to uke's stretched out arm. uke takes fwd roll.

4 - push - let uke go for push, inside hand/arm parries and swings shoulder open, other hand goes to attacking arm, shiko dachi, bring weight down. when going for parry/block, don't hop or rise

5- push - do above but this time, go down on one knee, other hand catches uke's arm underneath @ elbow

6 - face punch - ikkyu - inside wrist/hand/arm parries just enough to let punch pass to side of face, other hand goes up center line then onto uke's arm, other hand now brushes/follows uke's striking arm down to wrist, when arriving at uke's striking hand then catch uke's hand w/ little fingers, rotate uke wrist/arm so uke thumb down + bring to opposite hip, inside/lead hand on elbow, apply ikkyu

* sensei said to barbara stand above uke and get them onside by pulling up on arm and standing right behind uke. that way free arm and legs can not hit u

6. face punch - nikkyu, do above, but this time, step a little to side, create bend at elbow, do nikkyu

real life stories
I'm starting to wonder about real life situations involving self-defense. I never really thought what I would do if someone pulled a knife or gun at me. And though these are unpleasant thoughts - it is reality - these things happen. So I'm trying to build wits about this. You know, find ways to walk away (and call police)

Yesterday, I was riding bike to gym, going bloody slow. For sometime, a fellow was running behind me, enough to keep up with me. In a moment, I felt a breeze of air/saw a shadow at my rear wheel while I started to speed up (by coincidence). I took a look behind me as I was speeding up, and the ol' bugger was rushing with hand outstretched torward me.

"What the f***!?" was my first reaction. And just as we were making eye contact, he turned his face away, pretending to not see me and turned to walking as if nothing happened. Skilled, guilty creep, I thought.

And it took me a minute to rationalize why he did what he did. And I realized the bugger was a pickpocket trying to reach for my ipod in my jersey's rear pocket. Ah. And even if he got my ipod, would it be worth a fight - in bike cleats, heart rate monitor and all?

I'm starting to think not. i would rather turn and walk away if I can...don't want to take the chance of a losing fight. So, i guess i'll need to stay even more calm and focussed despite a spike in adrenaline ...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

sensei coleman's class

welcome, lee! feel free to write anything, anytime =)

for same side wrist grab

1- nikkyu
first big toe lined up w/ uke big toe, step to side and now big toe lined up w/ uke little toe. face uke. stepping to side aids uke elbow bend. immediately bring uke hand against body. get low. apply twisting at wrist. ROLL uke elbow over. push thru uke arm to put shoulder on mat. control elbow w/ one hand

* can apply this lock: inside leg steps over uke shoulder, both hands grab at wrist, bending hand to arm, pointing to uke head, twist/drive hip to direction of uke head w/ arm against leg

2. kotogaeshi
step to side. 3 finger catch, knife edge on back of uke hand, good to have a V shape in uke arm, move as you apply lock, keep up momentum to help roll uke over to stomach

3. Shi o nage
taisabaki, think small w/ shoulder under uke arm, tuck chin and bring uke arm around, bend knee, move w/ uke falling, first pin uke shoulder to ground, then apply lock

4. punch drills
kiai on contact, not before

5. when locking up, think about next technique and go
i need more discipline, i think, to stop yawning.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

lotta straight punches - sensei maria's class

basic details
kotogaeshi 123: initial contact is elbow, correct lock is palm totally behind uke hand, thumb is neatly between two bones of uke's hand (pinky side)

straighten posture in seiza to focus on diaphragm down (says sempai barbara. don't slouch - caused her migraines, apparently)

judo fall - really put knee into chest

breakfall don't step across a straightline on centerline, causes twisting action

roll out: not a jump forward, but slide into roll, don't lead with shoulder, lead with hips

when striking w/ knee think knee thru uke

extension roll: there is a moment when no part of body touches mat.

straight punches -wee!
1. taisabaki, catch + uke arm immediately down, uke takes roll
2. kotogaeshi 10 -
when taisabaki and catch uke arm, don't bring that arm down to ground, lead it around at elbow height
3. hitch step, strike thru w/ lead hand w/ pinky side/knife edge. striking lead hand really shoots for center line. sensei said doesn't matter where you make contact, attack at shoulder height, when you have struck, don't push uke back, but bring weight immediately down
4. when strike thru doesn't work, add a little taisabaki, lead arm pins uke to body @ uke biceps + other hand holds uke lower arm - kinda feels like an armbar @ elbow, finish w/ hitch step, uke rolls out.

* dixon and i did this w/ knives and it was cool to catch the knife by your hip as uke rolled out

5. side step - kick with heel + catch punching arm, rechamber leg, pivot, place kicking leg in front w/ other hand's thumb catches uke elbow and ROLLS uke elbow over, hitch step/slide (don't stomp), finish w/ ikkyu

1. lapel grab + nikkyu
2. push from behind + tori takes forward roll + set up w/ uke. barbs showed how to feel uke with our lead arms touching each other

lapel grab - nikkyu