Thursday, April 06, 2006

Everyone can blog...sensei stephen's class

Ok, so today there's a new experienced, tall white belt who likes striking and making uke breakfall -interesting! i'm not used to breakfalling on take downs. I thought my body would roll, but when the white belt did techniques while holding on to my gi, i could not roll out and i had to do breakfalls. i think sensei steven made it clear that you don't hold on to the gi, if uke is to roll out of a take down

1. lapel grab:
step to the side while putting hand into crook of elbow (of arm that is grabbing gi), bending knees, bringing weight down to create off balance and uke does side fall

2. lock when you're hunched over, uke grabs around your neck from the side.
outside hand does inner thigh pinch (a very tiny pinch) which causes uke to loosen up. inside arm reaches over uke's shoulder closest to you. outside edge of hand presses pressure point under nose and continue off balance. sensei steven showed a hammer strike to the ribs and take down uke with a side or back fall, i think

3. another variation was to pinch, but then inside arm reaches to crook of same side knee, and other arm grabs the other knee, and you pick up uke and make them fall on side. splat.

4. opposite side wrist grab. taisabaki entry, thumb of grabbed wrist rolls over uke hand and leads into direction of their roll, other arm goes to uke arm pit, palm side up and roll over as you hitch step to make uke roll. important to put shoulder into armpit, i think and bending knees and bring uke arm down.

5. round house punch: standing in same side hanmi (mirrored.) uke steps for round house, hitch step in with elbow strike on lead leg side. other arm blocks punch and then punch ribs. then punch arm snakes over uke's arm while other hand secures wrist. lead leg steps back into shikodachi. uke is flat on ground. sensei showed a new lock to me: you put one foot in front of uke's shoulder, and another behind, and you keep uke arm perpendicular to ground.

6. push: i think you step back as both of your hands leads uke's pushing hand to ground, whereby they take a forward roll

Monday, April 03, 2006

new white belt

today we had new white belt and i kinda forgot what it was like to take my first class. I remember being so confused between hitch step and taisabaki and freaked out by the push ups. but it was really nice to work with a new white belt although I did a poor job demonstrating and felt badly after he fell b/c i thought he had some training (still should not have let him fall-yikes). but that was my lesson for the day. go baby steps with new white belts. i liked working with the white belt because it forced me to mentally slow down and try to explain something. next time i will be much more attentive with a new white belt.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

kicking and taisabaki details

1. mae geri. we kick with ball of foot and push hip forward when kicking. we practiced with a small scooting step before kick. I don't understand how to rechamber the kick. I understand that it must be placed in front of you...

2. roundhouse kick also thrusts hip and we kick with flat front part of shin to the place above uke's belt. not to kick butt or shoulder.