Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I recently experienced something that embodies the way we articulate the idea of projection. I was out with my friends and as the night was winding down, we all said our goodbyes by the door. I happened to be standing by the door of the closet and there simply wasn't a way to get to the closet without me moving. As I'm partly distracted talking to a friend I feel a soft but powerful push from my left. When I look over to see who would push me over, I'm surprised to find that it's my friend's friend. She's about 5'5" and without a doubt, not over 110 Lbs. She isn't very strong; or at least I didn't think so until that moment.

If I didn't think in terms of projection, I might only have walked away with the life lesson that some people are exceptionally rude. Instead I asked myself repeatedly: How on earth did she push me over? Then the answer was clear; complete inconsideration. As far as she was concerned, it was her space and I was just standing in it. She's shorter, so its not hard for her to keep her center lower to the ground than mine. Her hand was firm but soft and near her center and she pushed with the whole weight of her body. In short, she did everything that we aim to do. If she'd only learn manners; it might even be worthwhile to invite her to the dojo!


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