Monday, March 26, 2007

Going 80 to 100.

When you get injured, it's hard to go all out. But apparently, I'll have to go 80 to 100% on execution for most of the time.

Great job on the green belt test, youval!

windmill shihonage: needs strong hip motion to power the parrying / block of punch away from body and into uke.

forward straight punch - project uke with arm: important to hitch step so you are behind uke. lead hand must parry hand away from body / into uke's ctr, shuto strike and pull head down and to hip. pivot hips fully + project

Sunday, March 18, 2007

thanks for teaching

From now on, I'm leaving a half hour earlier from home to avoid being late! I missed only a few minutes, but it was enough to disturb the quality of practice and basics from the get go. I expected sensei coleman would be disappointed and no doubt! My sword was all over the place. Cari was swinging her sword there, Gearoid was swinging his sword here, and I was frantically figuring out which way!? But I got my focus and posture, and practice improved.

I was expecting to get drilled about being late, but sensei coleman thanked me for coming to class. (Wait, wasn't I late?) It makes more sense that I thank you - sensei coleman, and other senseis for teaching the classes! After class my brain goes to puddle of aches and pains, so sorry i don't say thank you. But no more late classes for me! And, so should you dixon-chan, if you read my ramblings here.

attack: cross hand wrist grab
defense type: lock + walk through
technique: ikkyu
uke direction: front + belly
entry: taisabaki
* off balance starts with attack. uke grabs wrists, hip is like connected to wrist, small hip turn seems to pitch uke forward.
* taisabaki close to uke
* feels like hip controls the armbar
lock: on ground, with arm perpendicular (PP) to uke and bend wrist. or keep arm vertical + PP to ground
problems / switches:
* uke doesn't go to ground bc armbar is not on, switch to sankyu.
* can't quite catch the wrist? bend elbow more, lower to ground.
more notes:
* important to not be rough with armbar. can easily hurt.

attack: forward straight punch
defense type: projection
technique: grab head + project uke with his arm
uke direction: front + roll out
entry: hitch step
description: parry punch with lead hand + immediately bring down and behind + toward his ctr line, grab head (or shuto strike) + immediately bring down, continue to bring uke arm PP to ground, project uke with his arm, like cutting through at a diagnol. can take a step through and make it a kick as you project uke. can also knee kick on entry.
problems / switches: can't get uke to bend forward for off balance, try a shuto strike on back of neck.
more notes:
hitch step close

attack: 2 hand lapel grab
defense type: projection
technique: tenchi nage (correct?)
uke direction: front + roll out
entry: hitch step CLOSE TO UKE. be hip to hip.
description: bend knees to get really low, hitch step, non lead tori arm catches (same side) ss uke arm + bring down as low as possible, lead arm catches uke ss arm and goes to heaven, pivot! whoa nice offbl. i think step thru + project uke to front
problems / switches:
* hitchstep to far. won't work.
* hitch step close, hip to hip and is so much easier.
more notes: can add ankle block. don't kick. be nice to white belt.

attack: round house punch
defense type: projection
technique: tenchinage
uke direction: front + roll out
entry: hitch step, close hip to hip, to opposite side of attack
description: same as above, but enter with arms / hands coming up the ctr of uke and from inside. hitch step, df arm parries punch from inside + bring arm down asap, lead arm into uke armpit
problems / switches: uke not off balance, pivot hip fully.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

hey, should we try jujitsu-tube?

i love cari's photos! very cool!

senseis and et al, what do you think about going on Youtube and put little clips from class there. its not complicated. just one hour less sleep can have us new media artists cut, edit, and upload video for the gang.

yay or nay?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

tuesday class notes

hand on shoulder defense

1. attack: a hand on shoulder and punch
defense: rear pull down
• groin strike with inside hand + step back to side of uke
• kidney strike
• get an off balance + rear pull down

* note a on windmill shihonage to harai goshi: when stepping in, keep heels together + planted on ground. Bend knees more. Let of uke's arm so he can slap.