Thursday, March 30, 2006

cool new stuff

exciting day at the dojo. we learned a few things new. some techniques were added in back grabs/bear hugs from before. so check 'em out.

here i'll write about a couple others

1) ippon seionage change up with a knee. you do ippon until you clip and got both heels together but it's not working? so then sensei c said to heel kick on the same side as the arm clip, then immediate place kicking leg behind ukes same side foot and immediately bring clipping arm down so that its hand can grab other side of pinned leg. then you knee into uke knee. and then spin around, kneel on big nerve above knee and step away to the side to be defensive

2) then if you do ikkyu same side wrist grab, sensei c said to hitch step deeply to get that 90 degree bend in elbow ready to apply take down

Saturday, March 25, 2006

LOCKS - in closer detail

1. Pin arm flat on ground
So it seems that when you do ikkyu, one must keep arms locked and over elbow during take down.

then when uke has arm flat on ground, hand should be over elbow and elbow is pinned with knee, too.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


1. arm lock on grown/belly to belly/perpendicular - laying on top of uke, across belly, perpendicular to uke. arm closest to uke legs sneaks under uke elbow and grabs wrist of other arm. other arm pins uke wrist flat on ground. then pull - where uke elbow is slightly higher and wrist is on ground. pull elbow to ribs to create pain.

2. then we grabbed from the side. knee under uke shoulder, pin arm closest to you under knee and wrap ankles with leg closest to ground having its ankle behind other leg. then squeeze by having arm behind uke's head and grabbing crook of elbow (furthest from uke body) and the other arm grabs top of head and pulls back.

3. choking defense for sun bathers. uke comes between your legs and tries to choke you. a. cari showed that one could grab both elbows and bring them together, when locked. it takes the choke off a bit. but sensei showed that you want to put your whole body into taking one arm across centerline, up over and across your shoulder, from there you apply a choke into pressure point under jaw line.

4. say you're being squeezed between two legs. one knee to the side + one knee with live toe. arm crosses uke centerline to catch crook of uke knee while other arm sneaks under uke ankle. then switch knees and flip uke over. then bend the uke knee and put it into crook of straight uke leg closest to you. then with straight uke leg, bend, put against chest, and lean forward, grab collar, apply lock.

5. a hell choke demo from sensei stephen: you're over uke, straddling as they are on all hours. uke has one arm wrapped around your leg, on same side, your arm is choking uke, uke makes you roll over and you fall on your back with uke on top. you immediately take leg whose side you fell on and put leg over uke arm and snake catch it at wrist w/ ankle, other leg swings over uke head and chokes uke, your arms pin closest uke arm to your chest - stretching out your body creates lock.

6. you're hunched over, uke grabs around your neck from the side. outside hand does inner thigh pinch (a very tiny pinch) which causes uke to loosen up. inside arm reaches over uke's shoulder closest to you. outside edge of hand of this arm presses pressure point under nose and continue off balance. sensei s showed a hammer strike to the ribs and take down uke with a side or back fall, i think

7. another variation was to pinch, but then inside arm reaches to crook of same side knee, and other arm grabs the other knee, and you pick up uke and make them fall on side. splat.

8. full nelson - finger pain + ikkyu: as soon as you feel uke going for full nelson, catch uke arms by squeezing arms to side - preventing uke to finish lock, grab a pinky and bend (be very very careful! it's easy to hurt uke this way), step around w/ leg not on same side as finger bend + do ikkyu - catch uke elbow crook with other arm as finger bending arm continues downward motion, stretching uke out + off balance, take down, lock

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

step to side heel kick, one arm mug

heel kick to forward punch Learned something new yesterday. Standing in hamni, uke comes with forward punch. step to side, back leg chambers, same side blocks punch, with stomping motion do a heel kick on the back of uke forward leg. rechamber and place foot on ground, while hand's thumb hooks under uke's elbow to roll over and do an ikkyu. sensei maria said to not raise the uke elbow up, but to roll and step uke out.

must remember to not rise when applying technique

cross hand wrist grab. here we try roll thumb and palm onto of uke's hand and lead it forward, take taisabaki entry, still leading uke forward, both hands forward, then put shoulder into arm pit of uke and turn palm facing up to down on ground, and hitch step.
-a variation includes catching elbow with L of hand and throwing elbow to ground so that uke takes a forward roll.

in the one arm mug from behind, one must drop weight to release choke and be sure to grab crook of elbow and throw quickly

Sunday, March 12, 2006

ATTACK: double wrist grab from behind

ATTACK: double wrist grab from behind
1. double wrist grab from behind
in hamni. uke grabs both wrists. step back as you curl wrists up to the sides of hips, then point wrist down as you step back under one armpit of uke. your shoulder in uke arm pit and hands in front of you, you lead uke into a roll.
see video1
see video2
see video3

I'm kinda confused as to why I keep landing on my head on my right sided break fall. Tuck chin, bounce more off tippy toe, swing leg back more?
Taisabaki kata notes
9,10 don't bring feet so close together
1,2 keep elbow in and bent, forearm not parallel to ground otherwise can't block roundhouse as well. watch feet being wider
kiai with the punch and heel strike as if to direct the spirit to that foot or fist.
lean more weight forward than back
don't punch with shoulder forward
3,4 bring knee up higher, block and kick and rechamber
7,8 bring feet further apart

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

class today

1. Sensei showed round house punches with a step, dropping weight and body, and from the hip, powering the punch and hitting from side keeping the punch in front of body.

2. Cross hand wrist grab- shihonage. The first step is crossing the center line with back leg and stepping close to uke

3. advanced technique: taisabaaki entry to forward punch. catch punch on top and snake from below to pin arm to chest. i think you step the side somewhere here. smack uke face with other hand, follow extended arm and apply nikkyu lock. Put elbow in bent position, into uke ear and step around and make uke spin around on to ground. it's all i remember.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Breathing....from barbara

An afterthought from our Monday conversation about stamina. Shihan always emphasizes breathing to help. Breath through the nose into your belly and out through your mouth. He says to "keep your diaphram down." You can practice this at odd times on the subway, etc. We always practice this at the beginning and end of class when sensei says to close the eyes.

You especially want to keep your diaphram down when someone is punching you in the solar plexus, otherwise it's really painful. It's amusing to try and time your punches with someone's breathe so you catch them exhaling as you punch.

I've found the breathing thing really useful for calming myself at times in my regular life too.